Our Mission Trips

Discovery Service Projects (DSP) chooses both international and domestic projects in communities where local people have identified a real need. Concerns for stable, ongoing leadership and use of the facility we build are paramount. We look for the most affordable lodging and safe, reliable transportation and drivers. The safety of our volunteers is a primary concern. Volunteers pay for their own travel, room and board.

International: Projects in Central America and Caribbean countries partner with non-profits already established in the area. The project itself is proposed by the local organization. We provide people power and money. We build walls, we mix cement, we make quilts, we deliver food and we always take time to interact with the people we serve. We play with children, we share meals, we pray and sing together and communicate with gestures when we need to. In each week, we take one day off for site-seeing and shopping.

Typically projects begin in early January and last four- to six weeks. A volunteer can choose to participate for one or more weeks. Housing is usually in a basic hotel.

Domestic: These projects are usually in response to a natural disaster. A local social agency chooses our work places and recommends what needs to be done. The work can be anything from replacing a bathroom floor to painting, siding and roofing. Drywall and spackling are part of almost every project, as is great camaraderie.

Projects are two weeks long and costs are generally modest. Volunteers are responsible for their own transportation and bring their own bedding. Meals are provided. We are often housed in local churches on Red Cross cots. Showers are available.