Domestic Project 2016 Form

Florence, South Carolina area – Home Repairs

During this mission project, we will be repairing homes that were damaged this past October when the Florence area had a week of record rainfall. Over two feet of rain caused levies to fail and dams to break. The rushing waters flooded many towns that generally do not experience severe flooding. Many homeowners were without flood insurance. Our help is needed to return these homes back to a livable condition.

Week 2      April 10th  –  April 15th

Registration includes 5 items:
1) Registration form,
2) DSP Liability waiver;
3) Skills Survey,
4) Medical form
5) $200 Registration Fee

Please refer to the forms in the right sidebar. Several can be filled out online. For minors, please refer to the paper registrations on the forms page.

*Registration form is due on March 7th along with 6 Release and Waiver Forms, plus your check. Should be sent to Discovery Service Projects, P. O. Box 172, Pipersville, PA 18947. A Registration Fee of $200 is due by March 7th. If you come for a few days, the daily rate is $40 per day. Make checks payable to “Discovery Service Projects.” If you have questions, please contact the Team Leader, Erling Salvesen, at 267-663-4282 or

I/we plan to go to Florence, South Carolina: Week 2: April 10th to April 15th (Week 1 is full)

*All volunteers are responsible for their own transportation to Florence, SC and are to arrive by 5 pm on the 3rd or 10th

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I would like to go Week 2: April 10 - April 15

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