2014 Crisfield, MD

Week 1: June 15 – June 22, 2014


“Preaching the Gospel without Words”

On Sunday, June 15th Discover Service Projects had twenty-seven volunteers head down to Crisfield Maryland for the first week of Hurricane Sandy clean up. They were welcomed in by The Church of God, which is a local church in the heart of Crisfield. Cots and air mattresses were quickly assembled and everyone was situated and sharing in fellowship at a local restaurant called The Waterman. On Monday the team woke up and ate breakfast and reflected on the importance of loving everyone they uncounted during the week.  By 7:45 they were ready to head in to the community and serve the Lord.

Discovery groups were assigned to five different houses in the area. First there was The Jarosek House where a sagging floor was in need of repair. Our team was able to get sturdy supports in and finish minor repairs. Second was The Bishop House where a crew was able to finish spackling and painting the entire house. Third is The Ward House that needs a porch roof finished. This project will continue into next week with shingles and painting. Forth is The Gange House where there was a lot of trash removal and a couple floors were completed. Next week they will continue to renovate the kitchen and bathroom. Last was a different Ward House where minor masonry repairs were completed.

All in all the week was a hot one but very successfully. Team members were able to meet and socialize with their homeowners and really grasped what this area went through during Hurricane Sandy. All the homeowners were so grateful but also wanted to make sure that others were helped before them, which was a true sign of loving others. This weekend Discovery will see some people leave and some people arrive and they will be ready for another week of serving our Lord.

Bri Feindt

Week 2: June 22 – June 29, 2015


The hum of a compressor, the thud of hammers, drills, saws, and squeals of joy when a cut board fits just right – these are sounds that could be heard throughout the second week in Crisfield.  Twenty one volunteers worked on 4 homes doing a variety of tasks.  Some repairs can be completed in a week or two, others are part of larger renovations.

It is amazing how work can be done when a project is well planned.  DSP chose to partner with Volunteers in Mission of the United Methodist Church and the on-site coordinator was Ben Botti of Perkasie, PA.  Erling Salvesen was our competent leader who sent out teams, kept jobs supplied with materials and answered hundreds of questions.  Lisa Pretecrum was our awesome cook and both Larry Bergstresser and Elizabeth Lyman led us in devotions.  Our host church was the Crisfield Church of God.  The pastor and others that we met were very welcoming and opened all of their facilities to us.  Thank you, Crisfield Church of God!

Week one volunteers spackled and painted the interior of a small house that was gutted after hurricane Sandy.  During week two, a ceramic tile floor was laid in the kitchen, molding was added throughout the house and kitchen cabinets were installed with appliances and countertop.  The home will soon be ready for occupancy.  A second team drove to Frenchtown, MD, and laid laminate flooring in a kitchen whose sagging floor was repaired the week before.

Team three continued work on a roof over a rebuild porch and a small addition.  It took lots of planning to figure out how to do these repairs on an old house!  The porch also was finished and painted.  Lastly, a team worked on Elizabeth’s house for a second week.  Trash was removed, things sorted, the pink room was taped, spackled and painted, a new kitchen was installed with a special table that is high enough to accommodate a wheelchair for the handicapped grandson.  Repairs were done in her bathroom, new linoleum was installed in the hallway and a new mattress was ordered for her grandson.

As this report shows, there was plenty to do for all volunteers.  We enjoyed lots of laughter, sharing space together and the community in which we worked.