About Us

RL_BCMerida-sDiscovery Service Projects is an organization that developed from the vision of Rev. Rowland Carlson and his wife Barbara, and their willingness to follow God’s leadership. Discovery Service Projects is an organization of volunteers from many faiths who work alongside local citizens in developing countries. These workers have built churches, clinics, community buildings, schools, and private homes. Where our volunteers have worked, life has been enriched for individuals, families, and communities. When Rowland first retired from the pastoral ministry, he and Barbara and some of their family members traveled to Africa to visit the mission sites of their family and friends in South Africa and Kenya. Upon their return, Rowland and Barbara saw the need for similar mission work in the not-so-distant countries of Central America and in Mexico. Rowland and Barbara joined with Rolling Hills United Methodist Church, where they were members, to form Discovery Service Projects, a mission outreach of that church. Rowland and Barbara went on to lead DSP in the selection of projects and the facilitation of those projects. 32 volunteers joined those early work groups. Word of their generous work, and the fellowship involved, spread; now, each year’s mission project consists of 130-150 volunteers, over a period of six-seven weeks. Wk3GroupPixAtFred's In 1994, Rowland and Barbara recognized the greater need for support in the United States. For 10 years, they led groups to South Carolina, where homes in North Charleston affected by hurricane damage were repaired. These trips were made in April or May of each year. Since 2006 DSP workers have traveled to Louisiana, Mississippi, New York, etc., responding to the need for repairs from hurricane disasters. Discovery Service Projects celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2012! Over the years, over 900 volunteers have continued the work of mission begun by Rowland and Barbara Carlson. Many others have contributed to the cost of construction materials for each year’s projects.

Board of Directors and other staff members:

Rick Stoker President
Glenn Argue – Vice Chairman, International Projects Coordinator 
Doug Killough – Registrar
Erling Salvesen, Jr. – Domestic, Projects Coordinator
Katherine Buchanan – Treasurer
Karen Lyon – Recording Secretary
Alan Powell – Web Master
Rev Steve McComas
Joyce Southern – Financial Secretary
Jay Smith
Sandra Whitney
Barbara Carlson – Board Member Emeritus, Corresponding Secretary

Phil (Philip) Newcomer, Esq – Consultant
Rich (Richard) Aichele III – Book Keeper